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API v2 by Lotodicas

This API provides results for the Brazilian lotteries.

Get a token

We will email you a token.

Available endpoints (free)

Where :lottery is one of lotofacil, mega_sena, quina, dupla_sena, lotomania, timenania, dia_de_sorte

GET http://www.weqicheng.com/api/v2/:lottery/results/last?token=:token

Last result of a lottery

GET http://www.weqicheng.com/api/v2/:lottery/results/:number?token=:token

Result of contest :number of a lottery


Please, request support through [email protected]


How fast can I request?

For the free API, you can make up to one request every 10 seconds.

What about API v1?

It is deprecated and will no longer work after Jan 1st 2020.

Donate (Pix)

API access has been completely free since 2018. Keeping the API online requires resources on our part and we plan to keep it free. So if you are using the API and would like to help us maintain it, please consider donating to our Pix.

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